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Professional Support

Get support straight from the one-man team behind Nchan.

With over a decade of full-stack web development experience, scalability expertise, and deep knowledge of Nginx internals, here are just some of the services we offer:


Nginx & Openresty

We also offer a wide range of Nginx services, from quick checkups to long-term support:

Web Development

Full stack consulting for architecting and development is also available.

Contact us at

Free & Open Source Support

If you find any bugs in Nchan, please submit a report on Github.


Here are some of the sponsors that have made the development and continual support of Nchan possible:

Respawn Entertainment
Redis bugfixes, long-polling multipart response support, long-polling bugfixes
Redis cluster & other bugfixes
Websocket permessage-deflate support
Upstream authorization failure response proxying
Anonymous sponsors
Various features and bugfixes


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